Pain 101 03 – Pain 101 – Sleep, Sleep Deprivation and Getting Better

Pain 101 03 – Pain 101 – Sleep, Sleep Deprivation and Getting Better

Today it is hard to find a commercial break during Prime Time where someone isn’t trying to sell you the next great drug to help you manage some aspect of chronic pain. If you’ve listened to my first two podcasts, you know that chronic pain is hard on multiple systems in the body, memory loss, cognition, your immune system, relationships become strained, all this just to name a few.

In this episode we will examine good sleep hygiene, do’s and don’ts. We’ll provide you with tips, or things you can do to get a good night’s sleep every time. I’ll discuss an Army experiment where a squadron performed artillery exercises for 20 days straight while being sleep deprived. Then I’ll close with some comments on what it is to “Get better.” And what does “getting better” actually mean. I’m doing that in the hope you find some meaning for the chronic pain you might suffer and ultimately equipping and arming you with information needed to help you make decisions regarding your health care options.
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