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contactPlease contact me email or by phone. I do respond to email if you have a quick or simple questions. If you are considering coaching please call me at 480.861.1082. I don’t discuss any personal coaching related things over email, as email is not secure and HIPAA forbids doing so. If I don’t answer, PLEASE leave a message. I might be in a coaching session and don’t want to miss your call. If you want to get on the calendar and prefer to reach me by email, you can do so at, or use the form below.

Let’s chat in person and get something on the calendar. I’ll start by sending you a Zoom appointment so we can have a virtual appointment. If you are local to the Phoenix, Arizona metro area and prefer to meet in person, I am amenable to that as well. The important thing is to get a dialog started and enjoy the encounter. You’ll find that I enjoy meeting people and discovering what “makes them tick.” The joy is in the journey.

After our conversation, I will send you a services registration “package.” It’ll provided you with everything you need to know about our terms of service, what you can expect from me, and what I expect from you. Once we’re in agreement, I’ll send you some brief assessments based on our conversation. I promise, you won’t have to sit through hours of assessments. Working with me is more relaxed than that.

Needless to say, I will never share your contact information with anyone for any reason at any time without your approval. I value and respect privacy and I will respect that your email address is yours for YOUR use only.

NOTE: If you are looking for the Appendices for the book, they are found at HERE.

If you have any questions, comments suggestions to make this site better, I want to hear them.


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