Striving to Thriving


This “Resources” section of the website is new, so it contains very little at the moment. I will add more content as my schedule allows. Please return in the next few weeks to see what content is added.

General Information – is information is provided by David Hall from the research he has done for his book, “Striving to Thriving – Using a multidisciplinary approach to reclaim your life from chronic pain”

Published Articles – Is essentially a library of published papers on various aspects of chronic pain and its affects on chronic pain sufferers. This was recently started, so there will be much more added in the near future.

Recommended Reading – These are books David recommends for those desiring to learn more about chronic pain, and more importantly, what one can do to minimize or better manage their chronic pain.

Don’t go it alone! If you’re suffer with chronic pain, consider joining a support group. The Pain Connection is a division of the U.S. Pain Foundation and has local and national support groups in which you can participate and these are of course free. Because of COVID all support groups are online via the ZOOM platform. You will find like-mind folks with struggles similar to those you might have. It’s a great way to meet some wonderful people.


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