Striving to Thriving

My Coaching Philosophy

  • My coaching philosophy is, coaching services exist to benefit the client. The needs of the client always have top priority.
  • The coaching partnership/relationship is based on an attitude of profound acceptance that:
    • that values the inherent worth and potential of every human being.
    • respects the irrevocable right and capacity of self-direction.
    • exercises accurate empathy (the ability to understand another’s frame of reference and that the conviction that it is worthwhile to do so).
    • seeks and acknowledges the person’s strengths and efforts.
  • Clients are the experts on themselves. No one knows more about them than they do.
  • Coaches don’t have to come up with all the good ideas. Chances are they don’t have the best ones, the client does as they are the “experts” on themself.
  • The coach doesn’t make change happen. The truth is they can’t do it alone, or have the right to do so. Change is owned by the client.
  • Clients have their own strengths, motivation, and resources that are vital to activate in order for change to occur. As such, change requires a partnership, a collaboration of expertise.
  • Change is not a power struggle whereby if change occurs we “win.” The conversation about change should feel like dancing not like wrestling.
  • Motivation for change is not installed in the client, but is naturally evoked in conversation. Motivation is already there and just needs to be called forth.
  • A coach can never revoke the client’s choice about their own behavior. Client’s make their own decisions about what they will and will not do, and it’s not a change goal until the client adopts it.