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Striving to Thriving Podcasts Striving to Thriving Podcasts Striving to Thriving Podcasts Striving to Thriving Podcasts Striving to Thriving Podcasts

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This is the Striving to Thriving Podcasts page providing a listing of the podcasts David Hall produced in his series, Pain 101. Pain 101 touches many of the challenges those with chronic pain might have. I attempt to present the biological, psychological and social challenges of chronic pain and how to best overcome them. I’ll interview individuals with expertise related to chronic pain, advocacy, policy, and research funding whenever the opportunity presents itself. These are the movers and shakers that can influence positive change as it relates to treatment options for those of use struggling and searching for relief from chronic pain.

Early in this podcast series, I’ve discussed pain mechanisms and how acute pain morphs into chronic pain. I covered the importance of sleep hygiene and its importance on brain hygiene and brain function.


In one important podcast, I discussed cognitive distortions common to chronic pain. Also, another tragedy common to chronic pain is that of suicide. Therefore, I interviewed Paula Fontanelli, a leading psychoanalyst in the field.

There are a multitude of therapeutic options available for pain management. Expressive writing is one of the most powerful, yet least used, tools one can have in their arsenal for reclaiming their life from chronic pain. I interviewed the author of, “The Story You Need to Tell,” Sandra Marinella, MA, MEd. You need to listen to that exciting podcast for the impact writing can have on your physical and mental wellness.

In addition, in future podcasts, I’ll address establishing your MDT (multi-disciplinary team), natural painkillers you already have access to, pain and your brain (the good, the bad and ugly). I intend all the content in this podcast to help the chronic pain sufferers thrive instead of striving with challenges in every biopsychosocial domain. If you have specific topics of interest you’d like me to discuss in my podcasts, please send me an email to

Upcoming Pain 101 topics include:

  • Breathe – How to do what you already do but do it right.
  • Pacing – Being kind and balanced with yourself
  • Neuroplasticity – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

 If you have topics which you would like covered, please send me an email to



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