Pain 101 02 – Pain 101 – Acute to Chronic

Pain 101 02 – Pain 101 – Acute to Chronic

Season 1, Episode 2 – Acute to Chronic

This episode discusses how acute pain morphs into chronic pain, what happens within the nerves and neurons, and the interaction between the peripheral and central nervous systems.

Striving to Thriving is a current and accurate resource for those things related to the biological, psychological and social (biopsychosocial) aspects of chronic pain. The content is presented by David Hall, CHWC, a certified Chronic Pain Support Group Facilitator, certified by the U.S. Pain Foundation, and a Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Chronic Pain Management.

David sought special training from one of the top Pain Management Specialists in the world. Struggling with chronic back pain, migraine and one of the most painful diseases, CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), David has moved from Striving to Thriving despite his painful conditions.

David’s book by the same name, “Striving to Thriving – Reclaiming your life from chronic pain,”will be available in December. The book is a practical guide/workbook to help people with chronic pain be their own advocate and build a multidisciplinary team and create an individualized treatment plan addressing all biopsychosocial aspects of the chronic pain life. The audience for the book is both “patient” and “providers.”

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